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Professional Residential and Commercial Exterior Cleaning serving Raleigh NC and the surrounding areas with Pressure Washing Services

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Key Softwash Exterior Cleaning Experts NC
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Concrete Cleaning Services

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House and Roof Washing Services in Raleigh NC

Concrete Cleaning for Wake County and the Surrounding Areas

We provide professional residential and commercial concrete cleaning including driveway & sidewalk cleaning, parking lot cleaning, building washing and much more. We're your oil and stain removal experts. We specialize in not only cleaning but restoring all concrete areas to their original condition.

We can remove a wide variety of stains and contaminants from driveways, drive-thrus, sidewalks, walkways, patios, entrances, parking lots & garages, factories & warehouse floors & walls, gas stations and much more. And we use only the latest in power Washing machinery and equipment, which guarantees all of our clients, the very best possible results.

We also have an extensive product knowledge regarding the best, Eco-friendly cleaning products to help us combat a range of different concrete cleaning applications. We also leverage the experience of many fellow pressure Washing contractors throughout America, through our involvement in the industry, which helps insure that we can handle any particular Concrete Cleaning task at hand.

Concrete Cleaning Services Raleigh
Concrete Cleaning Services Raleigh

Why Choose Key Softwash, LLC For Concrete Cleaning?

  • Experienced & Latest in Pressure Washing machinery & equipment
  • Experts in Oil & Grease & Other Concrete Stain Removal
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Licensed & Insured
  • Affordable and competitive prices
  • Customer satisfaction is guaranteed

Driveway Cleaning

We offer Residential and Commercial Driveway Cleaning Services in Wake County and all the surrounding areas. We can clean not only concrete driveways but paved, asphalt, tiled, sandstone or other natural stone and more. We can remove oil and grease stains from your driveway, along with a range of other stains and contaminants.

Sidewalk Cleaning

Residential homeowners, business owners and commercial Property Mangers can benefit from our expertise in professional sidewalk Cleaning. We can remove many common stains that can be found on sidewalks including: chewing gum, oil & grease, food and drink spills, rust, algae, moss, dirt and much more.

So call Key Softwash, LLC today and let us give you a free no-obligation no-hassle free estimate for your residential or commercial concrete cleaning project!

Service Area around Raleigh, NC

Key Softwash, LLC services the greater Raleigh area including: Wake, Johnston, Harnett, Chatham, Durham, Franklin, Nash, Wilson and Lee Counties.


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Licensed & Insured Pressure Washing Company


Key Softwash, Raleigh's Exterior Cleaning Experts, offers a full line of Residential & Commercial Pressure Washing Services.

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