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Key Softwash Exterior Cleaning Experts NC
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House Soft Washing Services

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House and Roof Washing Services in Raleigh NC

House Washing for Wake County and the Surrounding Areas

Experience a home so clean it feels new again! Key Softwash, LLC has perfected a process to clean every exterior surface of your home, including: Brick, Glass, Vinyl Siding, Steel, Aluminum, Hardieplank, Limestone and Wood. We safely tackle dirt, mildew and cobwebs in our normal cleaning process and can even restore most surfaces that have rust or oxidation with our proprietary restoration techniques.

Our focus is to give you effortless peace of mind. This is possible by combining world class customer service with our low pressure soft wash cleaning technology. DonĂ­t trust your most valuable asset to the first person you find with a pressure washer. Damage can very easily be done.

Why soft wash Vinyl and Aluminum Siding?

When having your siding cleaned it is important that the soft wash, low pressure method is used. This is because high pressure can force water behind the siding, trapping moisture. This can lead to hidden mildew problems and potentially expensive replacement costs. Furthermore, vinyl can become brittle and excessive pressure, even in the 1500 psi range produced by consumer grade power washers, can crack vinyl siding and puncture it.

House Soft Washing Services Raleigh
House Soft Washing Services Raleigh


Is soft Washing really a superior, more secure approach to clean your home vs. pressure washing? To start, let's look at the two systems and how they work. Both run water through a pump and a hose, and the water is then sprayed onto the house to remove dirt, mold, algae and the like. Cleaning solutions are injected through the hoses and applied to the house or surface being cleaned to effortlessly clean the surface.

But here are the key differences between these 2 styles of cleaning: With pressure washing, the water is pressurized, so it sprays harder to remove mold, dirt, and so on. The advantages of this system are that you can utilize fewer chemicals when cleaning and that you can provide a more thorough cleaning for tougher surfaces such as a concrete driveway, but it can hurt certain surfaces on the exterior of your home.

That's why Soft washing is the ultimate winner of this battle. It runs water through a pump with very little pressurization. This system consists of a higher volume of water rather than pressurized water being sprayed from the hose. Soft Washing also uses a higher concentration of eco-friendly chemicals or cleaning solutions when cleaning a home. Where a pressure cleaner may be able to remove some dirt with no chemicals because of the pressure, soft washing systems use the eco-friendly chemicals to loosen the dirt before the water is sprayed to remove it.

So call Key Softwash, LLC today and let us give you a free no-obligation no-hassle free estimate for your residential house washing project!

Service Area around Raleigh, NC

Key Softwash, LLC services the greater Raleigh area including: Wake, Johnston, Harnett, Chatham, Durham, Franklin, Nash, Wilson and Lee Counties.


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