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Pressure Washing Services

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House and Roof Washing Services in Raleigh NC

Residential and Commercial Pressure Washing Services for Wake County and the Surrounding Areas

When it comes to keeping the exterior of your home or business clean, pressure washing is the best and most versatile option to clean all surfaces. When you are hiring a pressure washing company, it is important to find a professional like us here at Key Softwash, LLC. This is because pressure washing can potentially cause damage if not done properly. Knowing the proper force needed to clean a certain surface is extremely important. So protect your property and hire the professionals here to ensure the task is done properly. Our affordable and efficient pressure washing services will keep your home or business clean and inviting, keeping it free of grime, oil, dust, dirt, mold, and mildew.

Commercial Pressure Washing Services Raleigh
House Soft Washing Services Raleigh

House Soft Washing

With home exterior’s, we regularly use low pressure, also known as soft washing. This is able to safely remove dirt, mold, and other contaminants without causing damage to the siding.

Roof Cleaning

Regular roof cleaning will not only give you a shiny looking roof, but it also increases it’s performance and durability.

Concrete Cleaning

Concrete is seen as a durable building material, but it still should be handled with care. We are able to blast away dirt, mold, and grime and improve the overall look of your concrete without causing any damage.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters require regular cleaning to ensure they are always performing at their best. We use many different techniques to ensure that your gutters are clear to work best, as well as brightened so they always look their best.


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Key Softwash, Raleigh's Exterior Cleaning Experts, offers a full line of Residential & Commercial Pressure Washing Services.

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